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Payment And Delivery

Payment And Delivery


We offer payment using the PayPal electronic payment system

Your purchase amount will be charged at the time your order ships.

Some banking institutions may pre-authorize first and debit funds later. This amount is unlocked automatically. If this has not happened, we recommend contacting your bank so that its employees can speed up the unblocking of the pre-authorized amount.


Delivery options may vary depending on the delivery address, time of purchase and stock availability.

When processing your purchase, we will provide information about available shipping options, the cost of the order, and the delivery date.

The expected delivery time is 30 calendar days depending on the delivery address.

We remind you that in order to receive an order, you need to provide an identity card. If the order is picked up by a person other than the person who made the purchase, they must provide proof of identity and electronic or paper confirmation of the order.